Stephanie Jeffcoat

Stephanie Jeffcoat, the passionate founder of Families Inspiring Reentry & Reunification 4 Everyone, has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals navigating the challenges of reentry after incarceration.
Having endured a personal journey marked by 19 years of addiction struggles and a decade cycling in and out of the carceral system, Stephanie intimately understands the hardships and barriers faced by those in similar circumstances.
Through her own experience of losing her home, car, belongings, and even her children, Stephanie recognized a critical need for resources and support in her county. Motivated by her own struggles and the lack of assistance available, she resolved to become the guiding light for other women being released from jail.
With unwavering determination, Stephanie's vision for empowering individuals and providing a second chance is transforming lives and reshaping the path towards successful reintegration.


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