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"Stephanie Jeffcoat found herself in and out of prison due to her drug addiction. As a result of a rape Stephanie found herself homeless and pregnant. She grew more depressed and fell even harder into her addiction. She ended up homeless, sleeping in her car with no support and no one to help her through one of the hardest times in her life. After she gave birth, she ended up back in jail for 6 and a half months. During this time, her baby girl was adopted out without notice from Family Court Services. After her release she felt lost and confused but did everything in her power to get her daughter back. Three years later, she is still fighting today. Although this is a painful time in her life she is thankful for the lessons she has learned because they’ve shaped her into the person she is today."

FIR4E is a newly formed non-profit based in Orange County and was founded by highly regarded public policy organizer and activist Stephanie Jeffcoat. Ms. Jeffcoat served for four years as a public policy advocate and community organizer for the nationally acclaimed A New Way of Life Reentry Project. There, she worked with state legislators, allied non-profits, and grassroots activists across California to pass legislation that meaningfully improved the criminal justice and child welfare system. Ms. Jeffcoat is committed to bringing these high quality services—such as reentry housing, case management, family reunification services, and more– to Orange County.

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Emerging Non-Profit Organization in Santa Ana

Families Inspiring Reentry & Reunification 4 Everyone (FIR4E) is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to assisting individuals who are transitioning out of jails in Orange County, California. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe haven for women ...

Building a Compassionate Community

We are driven by a powerful mission: to provide formerly incarcerated individuals with the opportunity to thrive and achieve success. We firmly believe in the inherent worth and potential of every person, recognizing that everyone deserves a second ...

Empowering Reentry: Building Lives, Restoring Hope

Our programs at Families Inspiring Reentry & Reunification 4 Everyone empower individuals with the tools, resources, and support needed to rebuild their lives after incarceration. From housing and family reunification to workforce development and advocacy, we create a holistic environment where individuals can thrive, rediscover their potential, and embrace a brighter future with dignity and resilience.

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Our Commitment


Our mission at Families Inspiring Reentry and Reunification 4 Everyone is to be committed to giving formerly incarcerated people a chance to thrive and become successful. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and that with the right support, anyone can turn their life around. We are dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society with dignity.


Our vision is to provide women with the resources necessary to address unhealed trauma and encourage the world to love everyone and influence people to serve others in spite of ethnicity, religious background, or economic status through servant leadership, creative events to bring people together, care, and opportunities to serve. We have a clear vision to become a sustainable and eco-friendly organization that gives back to the community.


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Reentry assistance
Empowering lives
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